A Little Bit About Us

Children’s Coalition was formed in 2009 by a committed group of local parents and community members to address the critical gap in quality early childcare in Galveston as well as to provide a non-sectarian option with low child/teacher ratios and a high quality curriculum. 

Today, Children’s Coalition boasts a committed, trained cadre of teachers, led by a professional director and supported by our nonprofit board comprised of parents and early childhood experts.  

We speak on behalf of our board and members in stating that continuing to strive for the highest quality, child-centered program is our vision.

 We do this by: 

  • recruiting and retaining quality educators
  • supporting our teachers’ professional growth
  • implementing a quality, play-based curriculum across age
  • and, ensuring the lowest child/teacher ratios in the area.

On Being a Parent Cooperative

Children's Coalition relies on a high degree of involvement - investments of time and talent - from our parents, leadership from our director and strong supportive roles from the staff.  Parents participate in activities ranging from Board and Committee membership, fundraising, and donations of equipment and supplies, to laundering sheets.  This dynamic partnership is essential for the CCG to carry out its mission. We welcome your suggestions and look forward to working with you!

How Does Membership Work?

Children's Coalition is a not-for-profit parent- cooperative that is collectively owned by our parent members.

All parents who enroll their children are members of CCG as a nonprofit organization. Membership is also extended to the professional staff who is entrusted with the daily responsibility of caring for our children and the day-to-day management of the Coalition. Membership dues are inclusive of the annual curriculum fee.

What Makes Our Program Different?

Our management, teachers, staff, board, and general members are committed to high quality child care, and are striving to achieve accreditation from the National Academy of Early Childhood Programs, a superlative attribute considering there is only one other accredited facility in the entire Galveston County. Maintaining the quality of the Children’s Coalition program and achieving accredited status requires the Coalition to have higher staff-to-child ratios (which means smaller classes with more teachers) and more qualified staff than competing childcare programs on Galveston Island and in the southern portion of mainland Galveston County.

The goal of accredited status is only one designation that sets us apart from other organizations. We work hard to raise money so that our teachers and staff are paid better than average wages, have access to health insurance, and are able to commit to continuous professional education via time or financial support for continuing education. We believe that a commitment to the well-being of those who care for our children will impact the care our children receive. 


5127 Avenue U Galveston, TX 77551                409-740-4009             M-F 6:30am-6:00pm