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Annual Rummage Sale!

Calling all parents.  Calling all parents.

Time for all of us to give back to the little pre-school that could.  We all love and appreciate all the things that ChilCo does for our little ones, so now it is time to engage and prove it.  Alas, the annual rummage sale is upon us, and we want YOU.

So dust off that toaster that's been hiding in your cabinet.  Dig through those clothes that your favorite son/daughter grew out of last year.  Surprise us with a dining room set or love seat that you're finally ready to part with.  Long story short, we need your junk.  Stuff.  Stuff is what we need.  Keep your junk.  Unless you think it'll make a nickel.    We will be doing clothes this year, but we ask that you please separate them by age/size.  The clothes will not need to be priced as we will just make everything $1 , but we will want you to price your housewares, small (or large) appliances, knick-knacks, curling irons, golf clubs, etc.  You get the point.  Price it, please.

We also need your time.

I have been volunteering for this annual event for several years running now, and let me tell you.  It's actually a pretty good time.  Sure, it's early.  But think donuts and kolaches.  And you'd be surprised how much fun it is to negotiate with folks, some professional garage sale-ers perhaps.  Hey, one year I sold an Elvis encrusted armoire.  TWICE!  Top that.  Double dog dare you.  Let's face it, I will go down in ChilCo rummage sale lore since by the time all my brood get outta there I will have performed in pretty much a dozen of these sales.  Sheesh.  So I challenge you all to make your mark.  Join me in my lore bragging.  Don't lament.

Here's where we need YOU (and you and you and her and him)...

Sale will be from 7AM - noon, April 1st @ the ChilCo parking lot.

We will need volunteers for the following stations:

NIGHT BEFORE - need 2-3 individuals (with trucks preferably) to help wrangle items from storage and/or houses, to be delivered to ChilCo after a certain time (7PM?)

5AM setup - need 4-6 individuals for dragging out tables and setting them up AND placing out items; shift usually ends around start time.

7AM start - need 2 individuals who can work the cashier table, preferably the entire time but could do shifts if we can't get folks.

7AM-10AM - need 2-3 individuals who can float around the sale items and answer questions, re-stock, etc.

10AM-NOON - need 2-3 individuals who can float around the sale items and answer questions, re-stock, etc.

NOON - need 2-3 individuals who can help break down tables and load excess items in order to deliver down the street to Goodwill OR I might look into scheduling a pick up through the Resource Crisis Center (however they have pretty stringent rules on what they will and won't take - but this would be ideal).

So once you've decided on where you will fit in, please Email me at kevindscott@hotmail.com.  Tell me what suits you.

You may also Email me to discuss rummage sale item(s) to be retrieved from your home.


Thank you all.


Thank you,

Kevin Scott


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Play Structure Installation Begins

Please excuse our mess as a major improvement project begins. We hope the installation of our new play sturcture goes smoothly and that our children may return to outdoor play as soon as possible. Due to safety concerns, the playground will be closed during this process. Classroom teachers are working hard to plan some active indoor activities for our busy children.

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No Child Left Inside Day

We will be enjoying spending time outdoors, so dress for sunshine and fun! Lunch will even be served picnic style. If you have any T-ball stands/balls, soccer nets/balls or any other sporting equipment you think we might enjoy, please let your teachers know. What a great way to end the week!

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Artsy Thursday

Children develop creativity, social skills and fine muscles with open-ended art projects where they can make choices, use their imagination and create with their hands. The children will be creating their own master pieces!

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